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The republic of Guatemala is an official name of the country.

It positions in the south of Mexico and the national land is a little bigger than the largeness integrating Hokkaido with Shikoku.

About over one-half of people is Mayan native traibes and Mestizo(mixed native tribes with Spanish) is over 40 %, and there are Europeans, Garifuna and Xinca people and others.

Poverty is a permanent issue there, only 10% of people is a wealthy class and they possess 50% of whole wealth. Poverty group accounts 50% of the nation.

Literacy rate is 70%, but a gap of rich and poor is wide between rural areas and urban areas and Mayan early inhabitants in rural areas can’t read and write letters, so it makes to be difficult to get jobs.

Official language is Spanish, but there are 22 Mayan languages and Mayan native trives try to save their cultures and they live trying to take it over.

People around the world are truly fascinated with fabric culture running from ancient Maya culture, Miho Ota as a representative of Guatemaya is also one of the person.

Mayan forest Mayan fabric Mayan festival a child in Guatemala