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Maya nuts coffee like

Drying, deep roast Maya nuts and grind to be powdery.
Non-caffeine coffee like nutty drink. Very rich in magnecium and dietary fiber.
Tryptophan as an essential amino acid is included.
It is easy to drink just with pouring hot water like an instant coffee.
With boiling it(decoction), the taste will be better.

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Maya nuts powder

Maya nuts powder is a powder that dries Maya nuts, lightly roast and grind them.
(It roasts lighter than Maya nuts coffee.)
Please take it sprinkling on daily food or drinks.
Just sprinkling on dishes as a curry or pasta etc.! It makes a rich body!
Please use it for sweets as bread or cookies, cakes and dishes, or for flavouring to salads etc.

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Cookie (Baked goods)

Using Maya nuts powder, It comes to crunchy & crispy.
Not use milk products.

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It is a rich granola with oatmeal, Maya nuts powder and maple syrup.

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Flavoured drink kit

These are flavoured drink powder with Maya nuts and spiced tea or cacao or ginger etc.
Just adding it in milk or soy milk, almond milk, rice milk etc., you can easily enjoy tasty Maya nuts drink.

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Vegan joy block from NATUR series

This is Vegan joy block with Maya nuts powder and coffee.
Maya nuts energy is concetrated in it.
It is a energy food that contents your heart and feeling of hunger with even one piece.
This is provided by Bioland from Yamagata village in Nagano.
Without sugar, milk products, it is a sweets of Maya nuts version in series of dry fruit sweets “NATUR” made only with natural mellifluous taste.

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Mayanuts Joy Bar


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Cacao de Maya

This is mixed cacao nibs(*) with cacao as it is.
*Cacao nib : Roasting cacao beans, what removes skin and germ.

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