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The sacred Maya spirit = Love(vibration of Love) = Maya Nut

Tikal pyramid
Mayan ceremony
The Pyramid

Ancient Mayan people left Maya Nut for us.

Around the pyramids, there still are Ramón trees, indicating that the ancient people were eating Maya Nut. However, curiously enough, this diet had not been handed down to modern times.

Maya Nut therefore had only been known by a handful of people. But since around 2010, it started to appear in shops in Guatemala, too. Maya Nut is a super food with complete nutrition — one could live on just eating Maya Nut.

That is amazing enough, but often times it makes us feel as if it has something more than just nutrition.

For instance, everyone reacts differently when they take Maya Nut.It seems that Maya Nut works on the specific part of each person which needs help.

I once had a request for the whole (ungrounded and unroasted) seed of Maya Nut. The request came from someone who wanted to study its use in the healing treatment method he was specialized in.

I sent the seeds and asked him to tell me if he found anything. Later I was told, “The vibrational level of Maya Nut is higher than that of minerals — it contains a vast amount of information, and this information has love in it”.

This exchange confirmed my long-held conviction that Maya Nut had a miraculous power.

While visiting Guatemala and Mexico, I remembered that my soul had lived on the Mayan land many times. And at every place that reminded me of my soul’s past, I always found Ramón trees.

I experienced the deep relationship between Maya Nut = the Maya spirit and I, and felt that the Maya spirit was granting me a mission.

Maya Nut has the power to help change the consciousness of people. I believe that the ancient Mayans have handed me the Maya Nut, in order for me to help transform the consciousness of people through spreading of Maya Nut. And I believe that this is about helping people and raising the vibrational level of love.

The Maya spirit and Maya Nut are one and the same thing.



Miho Ota, Representative of Guatemaya


Mayan pyramid