Our mission

She saw Ms. Utamaro Izumi during the time of a new moon in Feburuary in 2017.
Ms. Utamaro directly contacted Maya nuts, and show us the details on her blog.

A person appeared receiving what Miho has sensed until now as words, and she express to many people.
Has Maya nuts waited this time?

And she recited this story and made a movie.
Anyone can watch it on YouTube.

Nuts contact in another dimension : Words from “Maya nuts” (in Japanese)


A will of penetrated spirit : Maya nuts contact -Sequel- (in Japanese)


Reading and movie of Maya nuts contact


*Profile of Ms. Utamaro Izumi

Other dimension conductor, writer or artist.
Specialize in expressions connecting spritual world with physical world.
Mission that delivers information or intentions from other dimension to the Earth.
Mayan calendar : KIN65 : Red universal snake