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Please contact us about Maya nuts, also request for lectures, locating our store and contact for Maya tour etc.
Please also contact us for export to foreign countries.

Miho OTA
Mail : info@mayanuts.jp
Phone : +81-555-25-3275
Fax : +81-555-25-7157
Address :
2744, Onuma, Nishi-katsura, Minami-tsuru, Yamanashi, JAPAN


About wholesaling of production, distribution to stores(ingredient offer), OEM production

Guatemaya sales Maya nuts products to stores as wholesale, and produces as OEM items.
In addition, we wholesale ingredients to shops as a cafe, bakery, cosmetic application.

Contact for wholesaling of production, distribution to shops(ingredient offer), OEM production, please send us with a form below. We will respond you trade conditions etc.

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