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Sacred Maya spirit = Love(Pulsation of love) = Maya nuts

Tikal pyramid
Mayan ceremony
The Pyramid

Ancient Mayan people left Maya nuts.

There are still ramón trees around pyramids, we can know Maya nuts were eaten at the time. However, curious to say, it wasn’t handed on to current generation.

So Maya nauts were known by some people, but it could have been seen in shops in Guatemala since 2010. Maya nuts is a super food having complete nutritions that people can survive only with it.

Though it is amazing only that, there are a lot of things to show us if there is something except for nutritions or not.

For instance, people’s reactions are diffrent from each other when eating or drinking.
Apparently, it seems to work for each necessary part to each person when people have it.

She received a ask if it is able to distribute some of Maya nuts seed in time.

It is said that the person will study it using in treatment he implements.

When she told him to tell us if he finds anything sending seeds she had, “The pulsation level of Maya nuts is higher than minerals, it contains a huge amount of information in it. There is love in the information.” he told us.

This proved that her certitude to have felt ever that Maya nats have miracle powers in the result.



Miho Ota, representative of Guatemaya


Mayan pyramid