What's Maya nuts?


マヤナッツの樹Maya nuts is a nut of Ramón tree which has existed since ancient Maya time.

Ramón is a name in Spanish, it is called Ujushte(Ujuxte) or Mojo in languages of native tribes.

It is one of the highest trees in tropical rainforests in Guatemala, and it attains heights of up to 45m growing up.

Birds and animals in forests eat this nuts Past and Present, human has fallen the nuts.

So, a lot of creatures including human have given precious nourishment from Maya nuts.

Though Ramón trees used to be anywhere in Central America before, they have been decreasing due to tropical forests itself have decreased, so there are realities to lead to extinction of them depends on areas.


  • Generic name : Ramón blanco (Scientific name : Brosimum alicastrum Swartz)
    Maya nuts on your hands
  • It grows in the south of Mexico, tropical area of Central America.
  • In Guatemala, they propagate in a tropical area in north Peten.
  • The nuts were used as food in a time of ancient Mayan civilization.
  • It is eaten by animals living in jungles as the nutritional value is high, and it is also used as feed of live stock.
  • The seed and leaves are used as mesicines.